Waves, Atoms, Matter.

Master of Fundamental Physics and Applications
Université Côte d'Azur
Research, academic or industrial, as a goal.
A general education program in Physics at the heart of the research institutes.
A large range of projects to develop your expertise.
Ms Physics - Waves, Atoms, Matter (WAM)

The WAM master intends to provide full training and education to physicists who will be able to apprehend complex and interdisciplinary issues in modern physics. Differentiating itself from highly specialised Masters, this course claims its general approach, from theoretical physics to the development of technological systems. Immersed in internationally recognised institutes (INPHYNI, CRHEA, ARTEMIS), the students will get familiar with research requirements and adopt them. This privileged environment also offers a greater autonomy. Indeed, the WAM pathway is firmly focusing on project-based learning which covers nearly half of the ECTS credits attribution. This autonomy prepares the students to the completion of a doctoral thesis, leading to a position of researcher or research engineer in the major public institutions as well as in private R&D structures.


The semesters 1, 2 and 3 are divided into units of 3 or 6 ECTS credits. The semesters 2 and 4 offer training courses of 2 and 6 months in a laboratory.
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  • Semestre 1
    1. Mathematical and numerical methods
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Complex analysis
      • Stochastic processes, Langevin and Fokker-Planck equations
      • Monte-Carlo method
      • Molecular dynamics
      • Introduction to parallel computing (MPI, Open MP, Cuda)
    2. Advanced quantum physics
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Second quantization
      • Hydrogen atom (fine structure, Zeeman effect, ...)
      • Light-matter interaction
      • Symetrization postulate (bosons/fermions)
      • Perturbation theory, variational method, density matrix
    3. Statistical physics
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Statistical entropy and Boltzmann distribution/li>
      • Canonical and grand canonical ensemble
      • Quantum Statistics
      • Introduction to critical phenomena
    4. Dynamical systems
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Modelisation in Physics
      • Linear stability analysis
      • Qualitative analysis (phase space, isoclines, Poincaré map)
      • Bifurcations and normal forms
      • Spatial extended systems, solitons
      • Hydrodynamics instabilities
      • Lagrangian and hamiltonian mechanics
      • Transition to chaos
    5. Scientific communication
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Presentation of scientific papers
      • Oral communication
      • Group dynamics
    6. Laboratory techniques
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Techniques learning
      • Discovery of being an engineer
      • Inside laboratories
  • Semestre 2
    1. Hydrodynamics
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Fluid kinematics
      • Viscous fluid dynamics
      • Balance equation
      • Potential flows
      • Vorticity
      • Small Reynolds number flows
      • Laminar boundary layers
      • Hydrodynamical Instabilities
    2. Out-of-equilibrium statistical physics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Origin of irreversibility
      • Transport macroscopic theory
      • Transport microscopic theory
    3. Nonlinear optics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Diffusion processes: Brillouin, Raman
      • Parametric processes: second and third order
      • Applications: phase conjugation mirror, optical solitons, OPO, ...
    4. Laser physics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Gaussian beams
      • Cavity stability
      • Optical amplifier and laser sources
    5. Projects in laboratory
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Package : Lecture + Tutorials + Experiments
      • Experimental, numerical, theoretical
      • Scoentific articles
      • Duration : 6 weeks, alterning with classes
    6. 2 months laboratory internship
      Crédits : 9 ECTS
  • Semestre 3
    1. Condensed matter physics
      Crédits : 6 ECTS
      • Electrons
      • Phonons
      • Magnetism
      • Quantum Hall effect, topological insulators
    2. Biophysics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Biomecanics
      • Forces on uniques molecules
      • Collective Motions
      • Adhesion, mobility
    3. Soft matter
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Surface tension
      • Ecoulement rampant
      • Elasticity
      • Locomotion
    4. Introduction to photonics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Sources, emission of a signal (reminder)
      • Propagation (optical fiber, waveguides, ...)
      • Detection (detectors, noise, ...)
    5. Quantum fluids
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Second quantization, bosons and fermions
      • Superfluid hydrodynamics
      • Supraconductivity
      • Quantum fluids in experiments
    6. Wave scattering
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Transport, Green functions
      • Scattering matrix
      • Random matrix theory, localisation
    7. Quantum information
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • What is a qbit ?
      • Information carriers
      • Quantum communication (QKD, teleportation, quantum networking)
      • Quantum processes (Boson sampling)
      • Quantum metrology
    8. Statistical and quantum optics
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Photon statistics
      • Correlation function and optical properties of fluctuating fields
      • Second quantification (reminder), coherent states of light, sqeezed states of light
      • Single and multimode quantum optics
    9. Projects in laboratory
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Package : Lecture + Tutorials + Experiments
      • Experimental, numerical, theoretical
      • Scoentific articles
      • Duration : 6 weeks, alterning with classes
  • Semestre 4
    1. Scientific communication
      Crédits : 3 ECTS
      • Writing articles
      • Oral presentation
      • Group dynamics
    2. 6 months laboratory internship
      Crédits : 27 ECTS
Projects in laboratory proposals
Steering committee - Contact

You can contact us at the email address master-oam@unice.fr. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The formal application has to follow the standard procedure e-candidat.

Teaching team
Advanced quantum phys., Dynamical syst.
Advanced quantum phys.
Dynamical syst.
Nonlinear optics
Statistical physics
Mathematical and numerical methods
Scientific Commun.
Dynamical syst.
Advanced quantum phys., Laser physics
Statistical physics
Advanced quantum phys.
Laser physics
Mathematical and numerical methods
Projects in lab.
Projects in lab., Out-of-equilibrium physics
Mathematical and numerical methods, Dynamical syst.
Courses location

The courses will mainly take place on the campus Valrose at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.


To get some general information about the master, you can contact us at the email address master-oam@unice.fr. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please attach a CV and a cover letter to your email.

All candidates have to apply on the following website e-candidat through "Université Côte d'Azur-Master → Master (LMD) → M1 Physique fondamentale et applications-Ondes, Atomes, Matière".